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Complete frame-off restorations are our specialty but we take on projects at all stages.

  • Partial restorations to get you on the road sooner

  •  Suspension repairs and rebuilding

  • Complete engine rebuilds, original and performance assembly

  • Transmission & Drive axle Overhauls and repair

  • Brake system repair, Upgrades and Overhauls

  • Metal Fabrication of complete body recreations

  • Major and Minor rust repair

  • Metal fabrication of small panels

  • Fabrication in steel, aluminum and magnesium sheet metal

  • Gas and T.I.G. welding services for most metals

  • Bodywork, Paint preparation, and Painting

  • Major electrical system diagnose, repair and modifications

  • Fuel injection system, mechanical and electric repair and tuning

  • Performance, track day engine and chassis tuning 

  • Concourse vehicle preparation

  • Show, Auction, Storage, Travel preparation and maintenance

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