About  Exotic  Motorworks

        Our company provides at its heart, a full restoration facility capable of taking in any rusty or heavily damaged vehicle and bringing it back to better then showroom condition, as well as consultation, consignment and tracking services for their investment vehicles. That is not just a statement, that is our lifestyle. We eat, sleep, breath, dream, and live through the classic European car history. 

       Alexander Plestid is a young overly passionate automotive technician with over 17 years experience restoring classic European and British sports cars, and over 60 full and partial restorations under his belt, some of which include;


1935 Bugatti Aerolithe, (best coachwork)


1954 Austin Healy Factory Works 100S, (Rolex award at Monterey)


1957 Jaguar XK150, (two time first national prize winner)


1961 Mercedes 300sl Roadster,  (1st place at the Mercedes-Benz car club of Canada concourse)


He has been lucky to have trained in almost every area of restoration, from body and paint to major metal fabrication, from upholstery to exotic engine building and tuning.  He will be first to tell you he is not an expert in every area, but his hands on and practical knowledge base in all areas gives him the ability to judge quality of work very accurately and evaluate the value of vehicles effectively.  While working at different shops he was always put in position to work on the higher end, and most valuable projects regardless of condition or what stage of restoration the car was at, it was this experience that has built his understanding of how to complete projects in a timely cost effective manner, and how to explain the scope of work to the customers who own these exclusive cars.  It was while working on this magnitude of project that he noticed an unfortunate trend that was common between most large high end restoration facilities.  In the pursuit of a high quality end product the customer or vehicle owner is billed relentlessly for every minute, weather justified, un-justified or a re-do. He believed that there is a much better was to do business, keep customers happy and turn out the same award winning work, thus Exotic Motorworks came to be.

     Also at Exotic Motorworks is an in house engine builder and licensed Mechanic of over 40 years.  He has been building high stress performance racing engines for the last 20 years, for vintage muscle, classic European, and full blown track day racing cars in the most modern groups. The list of his completed projects is astounding and far too long to list and range from a; 1929 La Salle to a 1946 Alfa Romeo, a 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 to a 1978 Jaguar XJS v12.  But he is not just an engine assembler, he is also well versed in, rebuilding, repair and assembly of all major chassis components of an incredible range of years, makes and models of vehicle and these years of experience he has is absolutely invaluable in our ever changing work environment.

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