Our company provides, at its heart, a full restoration facility capable of taking in any rusty or heavily damaged vehicle and bringing it back to better than showroom condition. At Exotic Motorworks we have a passion for the vintage craft of restoration. That is not just a statement, that is our lifestyle. We eat, sleep, breath, dream, and live through the classic European car history. We are not your average quick in and out facility, we focus all of our efforts on quality and controlling costs, which means we are not fast, but our quality and price is second to none.

Our Team

Alexander Plestid is a young, passionate automotive technician, fabricator and painter with over 17 years experience. He has spent his career restoring classic European and British sports cars and to date has had his hands in hundreds of projects and completed over 100 full nut and bolt restorations. He has been lucky to have trained in almost every area of restoration, from body and paint to major metal fabrication, from upholstery to exotic engine building and tuning.  

Brett Sorensen a licensed mechanic and proficient metal fabricator, with 12 of experience almost exclusively in classic sports cars, brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. He has been with our team through think and thin from very early on and had a huge hand in some of our biggest projects.

Billy Brown is our resident fabricator and certified welder. He has been training in the art of panel beating and sheet metal fabrication for 4 years and has absorbed a huge amount of knowledge and skill from his late mentor.


Jamie Atwell is in charge of our body shop, with 30 years experience in the paint refinishing industry he is the main hand on all of our projects as they progress through paint work.

Rachal Hoppie is mostly known for her skills with a polisher, making the final finish on any paint job have a mirror finish, But she is also our in house interior installation expert.

Joe Brown is the newest member of the team, he is another licensed mechanic who has spent the majority of his 14 year career working on classic sports cars. His knowledge base and through approach to his work are invaluable to our team.