Our Restoration Philosophy

What We Provide

Our goal clientele will have a passion for their vehicle(s) and we believe that by having a facility that is open and inviting to anyone who wishes to see their cars progress will create a hands on feel and attachment between the client and their car that is unparalleled at other facilities. With extreme organisation and a commitment to tidiness and cleanliness our doors are open to our clients, we are not hiding anything in our process, you can drop in anytime to view the progress of your project.  Our shop needs to, and will turn your restoration process into an enjoyable experience for the vehicle owner, NOT just a place your car is sent off to for repairs. We wish to involve our clients in the discovery of the history that lies in their car, show the process of how we match factory paint finishes and what is involved in the fabrication of a fender, as well as every other intricate part of the restoration process.  That process is where a lot of the enjoyment of owning a unique and rare car lies, getting to know your car intimately will make you enjoy every show you attend, and every mile on your drive so much more meaningful.

Our Commitment To Quality

We focus on perfection, plain and simple, and I believe that not wavering from that commitment is the key to gaining your trust as a client and maintaining our reputation for outstanding craftsmanship. Our restoration work is done to the levels of quality set out buy the affiliated club concourse judging format.(I.e. Ferrari car club, Rolls Royce car club.) Or at the owners request, their preferred show judging format (Pebble Beach, Amelia Island).  Because of this commitment we have not organised or equipped ourselves to do “quick in and out” jobs such as brakes, oil changes or paint touch ups etc.  We are fully stocked, supplied and tooled for major restoration, tuning, painting, fabricating and are equipped with brand specific tooling for various tasks related to Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo, Porsche and a number of other makes.

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